Teo, our bundle of joy

When we found out, that we were expecting a baby, we were the happiest parents in the world. But already in the first trimester, we learned the overwhelming new that our little bundle of joy doesn´t have needle bone in the legs developed. It was a blow to us, but the doctors assured us, that it is nothing to worry, because such a defect can be corrected. It would be worse in the case shin bones won´t be developed.



After our beautiful son was born, the doctors told us they were wrong and Teo´s needle bones are developed, but shin bones, he needs aren´t. They suggested amputation of the legs. We were dealing with the situation from each side and agreed with my husband on one thing "We won´t allow our son´s legs to be amputated."

Hope in despair

We searched all the possible information on internet until we found the family from Poland that was just like our. Their child was operated and today he walks, runs, and rides a bike. We contacted the family and they gave us a contact for a doctor Dr. Dror Paley from Florida. We arranged a meeting with him and met in August of 2019 in London.

Doctor Dror Paley from Florida

Doctor Paley is an Israeli who loves skiing, cycling, rock climbing and the most important is, the he has already saved more than 250 women and men from limb amputation. He leads Paley Institute on Florida. He was very honest at the meeting and told us, that Teo´s complications affects one child in million. While other children in his age already walk, he is in danger of never getting on his feet.

After reading the medical documentation doctor Paley said "NO PROBLEM". The surgery can be done by moving the needle bone to the place of the shin bone and it begins to grown and thicken as if it were shin one.

The surgery can be done only in his hospital on Florida. In total it will be a series of three surgeries, after which our otherwise healthy son will be able to walk, run, ride a bike and much more.


We need your help

Euphoria was followed by a shock two months after the meeting. The total amount of procedure is 365.000 €. However, the amount does not include the cost of fly ticket and living in Florida, where I wil have to move with my son for whole year.

If we want the surgery to be successful, Teo has to undergo the procedures till the end of this year. But we need to collect necessary amount by 31st of August 2020.

We are not able to put such a large amount together, that´s why we launched a collection in France, Poland, Ireland and Slovakia. Despite everything, we still have only 30 % of the total amount and the time is running out. We are very happy for every financial help that people have given us and will provide us, so we firmly believe that the amount will be collected on time.

Where you can contribute

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👉 Pay pal:  https://www.teowinnicki.sk/

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👉Action Group Facebook collection:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/3478557012215166/

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