My name is Teo and this is my story:

Collected on 29.7.2020

365.000€ zo sumy 365.000€

I was born with a defect in my legs. My mom was told I don’t have shin bones developed. The doctors advised my parents to amputate my legs, but I want to walk. I want to find great friends and play football with them. So mom and dad searched and searched until found an amazing doctor who have given them, an especially me, hope, that it could be done. I´m very happy, but we need to collect 365.000 €. All three of us believe to find a lot of good and wonderful people, who will help us.

We need to collect an given amount till 31st of August 2020.

Donate 2% of the tax

Please send us the confirmation of 2% donation to our email address:
Without the confirmation the civic association "Pomáhame" won’t be able to pay us your gift. The form can be downloaded here.   
Thank you         

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